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While vaccines are important, the most important part or your pet’s healthcare is the yearly exam.  Our pets age faster than we do and small problems can become big problems quickly.  At the yearly exam we can identify any concerns and make plans to correct them if needed.  It is important to evaluate all body systems at least yearly for most pets and bi-annually for our geriatric patients.   This will help keep them healthy and around for a long time.



Our x-rays are CR (Computed Radiography) and allow for great detail.  The films are stored electronically and can be shared easily with other veterinary institutions as needed.  With CR we are able to manipulate the file to give us better detail without having to take multiple pictures to allow us to evaluate different body structures.

Our State of the Art Class IV laser therapy allows us to help our pets in a new and non invasive way.  This laser helps with healing in a multitude of problems including osteoarthritis, wounds, incisions, inflammation, and pain.  This treatment is usually used as an adjunctive treatment and not a sole therapy.  Please call us if you want to learn more about this important therapy that may benefit your pet.



Our surgical suite is well equipped to allow us to perform a multitude of different soft tissue surgeries in the safest environment.  The monitoring your pet receives is equal to that of a human hospital. We monitor Blood pressure, ECG, SPO2 (oxygen content), Capnography (CO2%), and temperature.  This important monitoring allows us to personalize your pets anesthetic protocol for the best outcome.


We have recently purchased a brand new state of the art dental machine which allows us to perform a dental prophylaxis (cleaning) on your pet in a much faster and precise manner, limiting anesthesia time.  Dentistry is an important part of your pet’s wellbeing and has a much larger impact on overall health than was previously believed.  Your pet’s quality of life is much improved when problems such as gingivitis, and periodontal disease are eliminated or controlled with consistent dental care.